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Move, Breathe, Be Present

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PITSTOP FOR BALANCE this Journey of Life

Finding balance in an ever changing world is tough. Change is the one constant in life which is true for all of us. Our lives constantly evolve, we may change house, change countries, change jobs, change relationships and all of us change stages of life as we age. So many changes can add so much richness and amazing new experiences but underneath it all you may also wonder: 


Where are my roots?

What grounds me on my journey and allows me to feel secure? 


Having left my home country over 12 years ago and having subsequently uprooted my family to live in 4 very different countries, I have an understanding of these feelings and have developed my own strategies for feeling grounded, secure and at home where ever I am in the world. Fitness has been a large part of this. A love of movement in many forms has provided coping strategies, bonding opportunities and lasting friendships that hold no borders.


My wish is to extend this support to you by sharing my love of movement with you especially through Pilates and Yoga. No matter where you are in the world join me to find a Pitstop for Balance in your busy life. 

Karen x


"Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates

  • Classes tailored to your personal needs and goals 45min-1hr

    1 hr
    Reflects time/place
  • A 45 min zoom class to get you moving with Pilates based exercises.

    Reflects time/place

"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things"

Joseph Pilates