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Bookshelf Banter

Whilst recently training a client in my small home studio, a client with a particularly well trained eye on interior design and aesthetics, she started to chuckle to herself. When I asked why she commented she was just observing the 'odd one out' book on my bookshelf.

Can you spot it? Drop a note in the comments to tell me if you do.

Anyway it got me thinking about the books on my shelf and which ones have influenced me most for my health and well being and I thought I would share my top ones:

Pilates Return to life through Contrology by Joseph Pilates

Without doubt this book, which is also possibly also the thinnest on my shelf, has influenced me the most. It contains all the original mat exercises and whilst some still elude me even 12 years after my first foray with Pilates it is my go to book to remember what Pilates is really all about. Especially when coupled with Joseph's other book Your Health which is equally thin but also way ahead of it's time on promoting a healthy lifestyle in a modern world.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespe

I read this back in 2015 and whilst I have not been able to stick rigidly to fully quitting sugar (for a while back then I did and I really felt the benefits, but life is too short to always stick to such strict rules) it continues to influence my choices today. I am still very conscious of trying to avoid hidden sugars, of avoiding processed foods and understanding the drug like impact sugar has on our eating habits.

Awakening the spine by Vanda Scaravelli

This was the first yoga book I ever read, it was recommended to me by Karina my very first yoga teacher. It is an inspiring easy read with beautiful images. Seven years on I still remember quotes and take motivation from it such as: "There is no age limit, one can start yoga when 70 or 80 years old and no damage will occur if the movements originate from the spine".

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Prior to reading this book I never realised the true value of sleep but now I am super conscious of no longer trying to burn the candle at both ends. Sleep really is an elixir for good health! I highly recommend reading it or taking a look at my previous blog post about the book

What are your favourite books on lifestyle and health?

Share any in the comments I am always looking for recommendations as I love to expand my knowledge


Karen x

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2 comentarios

Lotts Hall
Lotts Hall
20 may 2022

How is there even a whole book about Starbucks Thailand?!

Is it a gripping yarn?

Me gusta
Karen Dawber
Karen Dawber
28 may 2022
Contestando a

You spotted the same one as my client. It is actually an old school paper diary so not a whole book about Starbucks in Thailand but it does have a few pages about some of the more iconic Starbucks franchises here. The book I thought looked like the odd one out was the cycling book which is the only one that doesn't belong to me!

Me gusta
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