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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I find reputable podcasts a great way to positively pass the time when I'm in the car, out walking or cooking.

One of my favourite podcasts is hosted by Dr Rangan Chatterjee titled "Feel Better, Live More". Generally, I find listening to the interviews he hosts extremely uplifting and inspiring because he interviews a variety of people who share their knowledge on how to live our best lives whilst looking holistically at the many aspects of our lives that contribute to our physical and mental well being. They are full of practical hits and tips, there is never any judgement but a plethora of positive ideas. This is important because we are influenced more than we may realise by the types of things and people we surround ourselves with. What our minds digest has a significant impact on how we may act.

I just finished the latest podcast #338 "The Secrets To Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life" with Dr Mark Hyman, which prompted me to share the details of the podcast here. I am sure many of you would also enjoy listening to this interview as it doesn't matter how old you are 20 or 85, many ways are shared on how you can positively impact your health! We are never too old to be able to improve on our health.

Let me know if you take a listen and enjoy it, it's quite long but worth it. There are also multitudes of bitesize episodes on this podcast which are only 15 mins long so if you can't listen to this specific one, I recommend you try one of the bitesized type.

Please also share with me any other podcasts you love to listen to!


Karen x

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