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Happy New Year!

My biggest reflection on 2022 is that you cannot predict what will happen, this time last year not for one moment did I think I would be moving to India and yet here I am sat writing this today in India. Things constantly happen and change that we cannot control.

Control what you can control, and let go of the rest.

This has been a favourite saying of mine for a long time, I find it a great reminder that in any given situation or circumstance that we may find ourselves in, there is only so much we can do. Life is always going to throw things at us that we cannot control and to know when to let go of trying to control things can bring a huge sense of relief. It allows us to stop worrying or over thinking, but instead to release the tension and make peace with we knowing we have done all we can. Because worrying about things does not change things.

Non attachment

This yogic philosophy is another way of thinking about letting things go which are not in your control. It does not mean that you do not become attached to people or live life not caring, but it means to not become so attached to the outcome of something that if it doesn't happen exactly as you want it to it doesn't disproportionately affect you. A tough one for those 'control freaks' among us!

The biggest challenge we may find is that other people's behaviours are not in our control. What our children choose to do, how our partners or colleagues behave is not in our control, however much we may wish it was at times! But, the one thing we absolutely can control is ourselves and that I think is my biggest goal this year. To control my mind, my actions and my reactions. This is not easy, we all know of times that we may have behaved in a way we maybe later wished we hadn't done. We can't change these past instances but we can work on ourselves to try and ensure our future selves react to situations in the best possible way.

For me part of controlling my mind, relieving stress and maintaining mental clarity is to exercise. I love to exercise and move my body but I don't always feel like it before I start, although afterwards I am always pleased I did move. So my goal this year is to keep moving, by committing to daily exercise, not obsessively but mindfully, some days that may look like a gentle walk others a full on sweaty workout. But my absolute commitment is to move my body daily because I know I will feel better mentally and physically for it, helping me to control myself positively. I am choosing a realistic daily goal of just 10 minutes because I know that if I say I will do an hour or even 45 mins a day I am more likely to fail with that goal and then give up. But if I can commit just 10 minutes daily that is feasible, however busy the days may get, and once I start moving it will end up being far more than just 10 minutes on many days.

So for me 10 minutes of daily exercise is my 2023 goal, a goal to help keep me mentally and physically fit, will you join me in this?

I currently help people (face to face and on-line) in UK, Thailand, Singapore and India move more, especially with Pilates! So wherever you are may be I can help you to also reach your movement goals. Get in contact to find out how I can help you also move more this year.

Happy New Year Everyone and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2023!

Karen x


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