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You are enough!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Things have been a little crazy for our family right now as we have relocated from Bangkok to Bengaluru! From one Banger's to another, as both are sometimes affectionately called!

We are now 7 days in and wow there is a lot to take in, any relocation or move is stressful and full of things that need doing and I am so very grateful to my husband for leading so much of this move and to have the back up and support of a good company. The biggest observations I have so far about life in India is that there are people everywhere, around the streets all the time, no where seems to be quiet and the roads are well, to simply put it, chaos. It appears that life happens at the edge of the roads, there is a vibrancy and energy everywhere! However, it can feel quite exhausting!

As we start to forge our paths in India and find our daily routines I am reminded to remember that each of us is enough. As we meet new people, as we discover new places in this city, we are enough. It can be daunting to leave all that is familiar and start over, to remain confident and believing that everything will work out ok and we will find where we belong here. So remembering we don't need to be anything we are not, but rather remembering that if we can accept ourselves as we are, so will other people accept us. This is true for all of us whether you have recently moved, had some other life changes or are journeying along a set path, remember you too are enough!

We can be confident that each small step we take in this new chapter of our lives here will build the bigger picture and soon we will soon feel at home again.

To be kind and compassionate to ourselves as we navigate our lives is important, because life often throws at us unexpected trials and hurdles. Know that 1% is better than 0%, and that 1% will grow, becoming a 100% if you keep going!

So keep taking whatever small steps you need to to build the life you want to live and remember you too are 100% enough!

I will start my online Mindful Mat classes again from tomorrow (10th October, 08:30am UK) so if anyone wants to join a 45mins, gentle movement class feel free to sign up or get in contact for more details. Let's start with that 1%...

Karen x

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