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Motivation 101!

If you need a little push to find some motivation and know that you really can achieve anything and I mean ANYTHING you want to, take a quick read of this book.

Now, I have only just finished it this week so am yet to achieve my anything, I'm still contemplating what my anything truly is, but I do know my greatest limitation is not believing in myself enough and that is probably the biggest challenge for many of us. That, and just getting started, taking action now with the things I already know I want to achieve.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"." Audrey Hepburn

(A little disclaimer that for the fellow British readers out there you may well find the book a little overtly "American" in it's style and language but there are a lot of great takeaways which make it worth overlooking and even embracing the cultural differences) 😉

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