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Confidence and Community.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Confidence, contrary to what I believed until a few weeks ago, is not something you need to do something scary but rather the reward you get from doing something scary. I found this thought inspirational, and something I am going to try and embody for myself here.

So here it goes with me trying to build my level of confidence through creating this website.

Welcome, to my little corner of the cyber world, the Pitstop for Balance website. It is a place where I would like to share ideas with you on striving to live a healthy and balanced life.

I love movement. I love the way moving my body can shake away grey moods, brush of frustrations and most importantly infuse with me more energy to go about the rest of my day. How I opt to move each day may be a little different ranging from a strengthening pilates/yoga class, a refreshing run/walk outside, a mobilising swim, an energising bike ride or simply a gentle restorative yoga class. But, mindfully move each and every day I will because I know I just feel better for it. Even if I only move for a few minutes, the benefit I feel is tangible.

I want to share this love of movement with you and maybe get to know you a little along the way too. I find exercising a chore but moving and engaging with friends a blessing. I aim to create a community here where we can inspire each other and share ideas for moving our bodies but also on moving our mindsets to embrace the many challenges the world throws our way. It is often said "it takes a village to raise a child" well I want to embrace this version of the quote: "I love the idea it doesn't take one person to achieve your potential. It takes a village, it takes a community, a street, a teacher, a mother." Mira Nair. I want to offer you Pitstop for Balance as part of your 'village' for success in achieving your most healthy and balance life.

As a certified STOTT Pilates and Uplifted Yoga instructor I will offer movement classes, and share tips of things I learn through my continuing studies. In return there will be a group forum for others to also share, creating our village setting. So please sign up today and join the Pitstop for Balance Buddies Group, our virtual village connecting people from all over our real world!

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